Wedding Information

At this time in our nation, even greater efforts are needed to hand on the full truth of Church teaching on the sacred sacramental nature of marriage and family life.

Bishop Olmsted

Covenant of Love is the revised Policy for Marriage Preparation of the Diocese of Phoenix. The goal is to establish a consistent and updated marriage preparation policy so that the needs of today's engaged couples will be adequately addressed. Covenant of Love is intended to guide the engaged couple through a process of 7 steps. This will provide them with the spiritual resources and practical tools they need for a strong and healthy marriage, not only as newlyweds but for a lifetime. According to Covenant of Love, engaged couples are invited to a journey of 9 months of preparation effective January 1, 2010.

The goal is to prepare couples adequately by providing a powerful opportunity for encountering Christ so that they will be able to live their call to holiness through the Sacrament of Marriage.


  • Church $250
  • Stipend for coordinator $100
  • Contact for music: Marcos Herrera 623-939-9785
  • Contact for music: Jimmy Davis 623-205-2619