Parish Update: March 23

03-23-2020From the PastorFr. Ernesto Reynoso, JCL

Dear OLPH Faithful, Padre here…peace be with you. What a week! Don't lose hope. In the midst of these uncertainties, it is my prayer that you find the opportunity to be with your family (a good) and are reinforcing your life of prayer (for a greater good). The Lord is always with us.

I want to share with you five important topics:

First of all, I would like to share with you that on Friday March 13th, I went in for surgery (Ouch!) I knew before hand that it will be a complicated surgery but like always, I was placing my life in God's hands so I went with peaceful confidence. The difficulty of the surgery came when I woke up from the anesthesia and found out that the Holy Mass will not be celebrated in public around the entire diocese. Oh no! was my first reaction (as well as probably yours). That is more painful than any surgery. However, in an effort to protect all our parishioners especially those with weak immune systems, the diocesan suspension makes sense. Back to the topic, although the surgery went well, the recovery time as you are aware, is always more difficult than the surgery itself.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

12-29-2019From the PastorRev. Ernesto Reynoso, J.C.L.

Dear OLPH parishioners,

Christmas is here! There is always a special joy in our hearts to welcome Our Savior Jesus Christ. On behalf of the whole OLPH family (parish/school /capilla) we would like to wish you a blessed and joyful Christmas.


We the school and parish staff as well as our many volunteers are working together to be good administrators with the resources that we have. As you have noticed, in the last six months, we have had some challenges with our building structures that needed repair. Among them, five A/C unit systems broke down and caused unexpected expenses but the Lord is always good to us and we were able to fix them.


Parish News

10-06-2019From the PastorRev. Ernesto Reynoso, J.C.L.

Deal OLPH Parishioners,

I hope this letter find you well. I think this is one of our favorite times of the year without a doubt.

Safe Environment

Let me begin this letter with a Safe Environment update. Previously we paused the program because we were waiting for new instructions coming from the diocese related to this program. Now that the diocese has released their final statement on this topic, we invite all volunteers to come back and finish their renewal. Our goal is to do everything we can to provide a safe environment for our kids. If you need help, we will be glad to provide that for you. Please contact Luz May at our Safe Environment office: 480.432.2528 and she will be glad to guide you through the process. Thank you for your willingness to serve.


Parish News

09-29-2019From the PastorRev. Ernesto Reynoso, J.C.L.

Dear OLPH parishioners,

Volunteers needed

As we are heading to a new revival at our parish, please consider making a difference by volunteering at our parish. We are in need of many volunteers. Homebound, hospitality, lectors, sacristy volunteers. So if you think you can make the difference in people’s lives we will be glad to have you.

Pet blessing

We are excited to begin the month of October with more fun activities. Do you have a pet? Then this message is for you. We are happy to share with you that here at our parish we will be doing the blessing of animals. Isn’t that cool? We will be blessing our little animalitos so if you own one, come over, or bring your children or grandchildren to experience this beautiful event. Just make sure that your pet is properly cared for safety reasons so bring your leash and the pet waste bags. For every donation over 5 dollars, you will receive a free booklet with a beautiful story about the importance of taking care of God’s animals. When is this blessing? This upcoming Saturday, October 5th at 10: 00 am here at the Parish school basketball court. This event is held to foster unity among our parishioners so don’t miss it. By the way, if you bring a snake, please stay away from the hamsters. :D


Dos Padres Bien Padres

09-01-2019From the PastorRev. Ernesto Reynoso, J.C.L.

Dear OLPH parishioners,

May the Peace of Christ be with you. It is unbelievable that almost two months have passed since we began this new adventure. The Lord is good by sending many graces to all of us.

As you might know, I am a contributing priest for the EWTN Global Catholic Television Network. My involvement is geared toward the Spanish speaking audience. What I would like to share with you is the good news that beginning in September, every Tuesday, the network will be airing season 1 of a 13-part, half-hour program entitled Dos Padres Bien Padres (or… in English, Two Awesome Fathers)