Opened Eyes of the Soul

10-28-2018Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

I love the way Jesus stops and listens to the forgotten, powerless or "unimportant" ones. Time and again Jesus shows us that the things we dread so much, like sickness, demons, or disabilities are not obstacles; instead they draw his merciful heart to us.

Maybe our eyes can see perfectly, but what about our hearts? Are we blind to Jesus and his promise of new life?

Have you welcomed "outsiders" to our Parish lately? Have you brought Jesus' mercy to the forgotten ones?


Six men being ordained to the Permanent Diaconate

10-28-2018From the PastorFr. Michael Straley

Howdy, This weekend we are celebrating our Family Unity Festival and next weekend we have another important celebration: Martin Gallo will be ordained a permanent deacon by Bishop Olmsted on Saturday, November 3rd, at Ss. Simon and Jude Cathedral.

The celebration begins Friday evening with Solemn Vespers at 6:00pm at St. Thomas the Apostle parish in Phoenix. Then on Saturday at 10:00am is the ordination of six men from our diocese to the permanent diaconate. All are invited to attend this beautiful liturgy.


Stewards of Anger

10-21-2018From the PastorFr. Michael Straley

Howdy, I think we all can agree that right now we are living in an angry culture. Whether it is drivers on the road, the news we watch, and in an election year the campaign talk we must listen to, everywhere it seems there is anger and hatred.

Bishop Olmsted has recently been talking about our role as Catholics as Stewards of Anger...yes, stewards of anger. Anger is not simply bad, it can remind us of evil and wrong in our world. But we must be good stewards of our anger, not feeding more hatred by our actions, but working to right the wrongs.


In what ways do we turn away from Jesus' gaze?

10-14-2018Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

Now is the time for lay people to redirect our sight away from the treasures of this world and toward Jesus. The psalmist reminds us that when our hearts are filled with God's love we are joy filled! But, we too often live as if we don't believe this. The man in today's Gospel went away sad because he had many riches. He missed out on the joy that could have been his if he had only received the loving gaze of Jesus. The Gospel writer says, "Jesus looked at him with love." But rather than receiving the spiritual riches Jesus wanted to give him, he walked away. His many riches made him sad!


Parish Unity Festival

10-14-2018From the PastorFr. Michael Straley

Howdy, Yes, it is October and I have to tell you that I am excited. In two weeks we will celebrate our Parish Unity Festival...and this year I will be there! The past couple of years our festival has been scheduled when I am in Mexico, but not this year. As you can tell I have missed this wonderful celebration with you all.  

Of course, there will be food and rides, and food and games, and food and dancing...and did I mention FOOD! It is so much fun to walk through the ride area and see our children's faces as they run from one ride to another. Also, it is great because many of our school graduates and many former parishioners come to celebrate with us.



10-14-2018Holy Catholic Marriage

Adam was given the task of naming all the animalsin the garden. As amazing as they all were, nonecomplimented his body or had his intellect. Adamlonged for compatibility and relationship so Godmade a suitable partner for Adam from his very ownbody. When Adam looked at the gift of Eve, provided by the Father, he exclaimed “At last, hereis one of my own kind, bone taken from my bone,and flesh taken my flesh” (Gen 2:23).


A True Leader

10-07-2018Holy Catholic Marriage

We learn good and bad behaviors from our families of origin. As adults we must analyze what was healthy in our parent's relationship and what was destructive. Removing the destructive tendencies from our lives can take years of hard work, prayer and frequent reception of the sacraments to rid ourselves from the same behavior. A destructive behavior that many young men must identify and remove is one of control. They mistakenly perceive being the head of the family as a position of ruling over wife and family, expecting obedience and service. They think control through force, manipulation, threats, coercion and anger are the methods to be used to achieve this end. This makes for a very unhappy home.  


Online Giving

10-07-2018From the PastorFr. Michael Straley


Many of you have requested that we begin Online Giving here at OLPH. Many parishes have successfully used this convenient way for you to make your contributions to the parish. We have researched a number of companies and have decided to begin this month. More information will be available soon.

Giving online allows you to have your donation deducted every month from your checking account, or you can have it added to your credit card (if you collect points this can be an advantage). You do not have to remember to bring your envelope every Sunday and it helps us to budget better for the parish. Also, we save money because we do not have to send you envelopes. Finally, you can plan your tithing, which is better stewardship of God's blessing to you.


Ask for Help instead of Giving Up

10-07-2018Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

Immediately after the discussion about divorce in today's Gospel, Jesus takes a strong stand for children with these words, "Let the children come to me..."