Faith and Family is a weekly column by Lani Bogart, in which she provides practical ways to connect the Sunday readings, especially the Gospel, to the lives of families. Lani oversees all things catechetical at Our Lady of Perpetual Help and co-leads the Committee to Serve Wives and Widows of Deacons for the Diocese of Phoenix.

Jesus' Path to Happiness

02-17-2019Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

Have you heard preachers on television or at a non-Catholic Church preaching another Gospel? A Gospel without the cross of Christ is a false Gospel. If someone promises that their "ministry" will make you happy, healthy and wealthy remember the words of Jesus in today's gospel.

Jesus tells us that the poor, the hungry, the weeping and the hated are the blessed or happy ones. Jesus comes to suffer because we suffer. He comes to die because we die. He identifies himself with the worst among us to show us that true happiness is only found when we give ourselves away, most especially for those who don't deserve it.

He cautions the rich, the full, those who laugh and the popular about woes and difficulties to come. So, if you find yourself rich and full and getting along just fine, you might want to take a deep look into your heart to find the hungry places, the impoverished places, the sorrows. It's in those places that Jesus shows us his path to happiness.

¿Has escuchado predicadores en la televisión o en una iglesia no Católica predicando otro Evangelio? Un evangelio sin la cruz de Cristo es un falso Evangelio. Si alguien promete que su "ministerio" te hará feliz, saludable y rico, recuerda las palabras de Jesús en el evangelio
de hoy.

Jesús nos dice que los pobres, los hambrientos, los que lloran y los odiados son los bienaventurados o felices. Jesús viene a sufrir porque nosotros sufrimos. Él viene a morir porque nosotros morimos. Se identifica con lo peor entre nosotros para mostrarnos que la verdadera felicidad solo se encuentra cuando nos entregamos, especialmente para aquellos que no la merecen.

Él advierte a los ricos, a los llenos, a los que se ríen y a los populares sobre las aflicciones y las dificultades por venir. Por lo tanto, si te encuentras rico y lleno y te llevas bien, es posible que desees echar un vistazo profundo a tu corazón para encontrar los lugares hambrientos, los lugares empobrecidos, las tristezas. Es en esos lugares donde Jesús nos muestra su camino hacia la felicidad.