The Parts of the Mass: Alleluia

03-29-2020Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

Continuing our series on the parts of the Mass, we focus today on the ALLELUIA.

After the 2nd READING on every Sunday except Sundays of Advent and Lent we stand and sing the ALLELUIA. This word of praise may be spelled differently but is pronounced similarly in every language of the world. During the ALLELUIA the deacon or priest processes over to the ambo carrying the book of the gospels. On either side of him are lit candles. The flame reminds us that Jesus is the Light of the World and is present to us in a particular way in the Gospel. The flame also symbolizes the Holy Spirit who helps us understand the message our LORD wishes to speak to our hearts.


God Opens New Possibilities

03-29-2020Weekly Reflection©LPi

Even though we say that we believe, there is a part of us that doesn’t. There are many times in our lives when we experience death, whether it be the physical death of someone we love, a failed relationship, the loss of a job, or a broken dream. As we are going through these death experiences, we can easily find ourselves reaching out to God to make it better and fix it! We think that the proper order of life is to maintain the things of this world, especially those things that are essential to our sense of wellbeing and security. We do not like change. The grieving that comes from our death experiences can keep us stuck and in despair. If we have lost something or someone of great value, the very meaning and essence of life is lost with them. We need gentle companions to lift us from despair and that is precisely who God desires to be in our life as well.


Parish Update: March 23

03-23-2020From the PastorFr. Ernesto Reynoso, JCL

Dear OLPH Faithful, Padre here…peace be with you. What a week! Don't lose hope. In the midst of these uncertainties, it is my prayer that you find the opportunity to be with your family (a good) and are reinforcing your life of prayer (for a greater good). The Lord is always with us.

I want to share with you five important topics:

First of all, I would like to share with you that on Friday March 13th, I went in for surgery (Ouch!) I knew before hand that it will be a complicated surgery but like always, I was placing my life in God's hands so I went with peaceful confidence. The difficulty of the surgery came when I woke up from the anesthesia and found out that the Holy Mass will not be celebrated in public around the entire diocese. Oh no! was my first reaction (as well as probably yours). That is more painful than any surgery. However, in an effort to protect all our parishioners especially those with weak immune systems, the diocesan suspension makes sense. Back to the topic, although the surgery went well, the recovery time as you are aware, is always more difficult than the surgery itself.


The Parts of the Mass: 2nd Reading

03-22-2020Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

We continue our series on the parts of the Mass. After the RESPONSORIAL PSALM we are ready to listen to the 2nd Reading. (Note, at daily Mass there is only a 1st reading, Psalm and Gospel most days) The reading, sometimes called an epistle, is from a letter written to people in the early Church by one of the Apostles. Even though these letters were originally written for people in a particular place and time, the Holy Spirit makes the words come alive for us today so we can hear them and understand how to live for Jesus.

Our part is to listen attentively. That means we sit up straight, quiet our bodies, put other thoughts out of our mind and listen and try our best to understand the meaning of the reading. At the end of the reading the lector says, “The Word of the Lord” and we respond in a way that shows we mean it, “Thanks be to God.”


Seeing is Believing

03-22-2020Weekly Reflection©LPi

“Do you believe in the Son of Man?” Jesus wants to motivate each one of us to see the truth. After developing a relationship with Jesus, the blind man “sees” as someone very special. The Pharisees, due to the blindness caused by their ignorance, prejudice, and need for self-preservation, still remain blind. Presuppositions, prejudices, assumptions, and our needs can easily blind us to truth. We see what we want or need to see and not what is really there. In addition, our stubbornness continues to convince us that we are right and that our vision is perfect. Only God can complete the picture.


The Parts of the Mass: Responsorial Psalm

03-15-2020Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

So far, we have learned about the PROCESSION, SIGN OF THE CROSS & GREETING, CONFITEOR, GLORIA, COLLECT, and 1ST READING. Today, in this 7th week of our series we focus on the RESPONSORIAL PSALM.

The Psalm, especially the part that the people sing is a response to what we heard in the first reading. In it we speak to God in words chosen by God. When we sing it from our heart, our faith in what we hear ourselves singing grows and we allow the words to shape our thoughts. This prepares us to hear and understand the readings still to come. Imagine yourself being led by the Good Shepherd to the green pastures of the Word he has for you.


Jesus Gives Us Purpose and Meaning

03-15-2020Weekly Reflection©LPi

We give the definition of ourselves over to so many things. We allow our society, friends, family, work, social groups, ethnicity, and even institutions define, classify, and color how we perceive ourselves. When we listen predominantly to the voices of others, we lose touch with what is happening within our own inner voice. If we listen carefully within, we can easily discover that we are in want and need. We know our incompleteness and also know that loneliness, sadness, and self-images can propel us outward in attempts to fill those gaps. We can become not only victims of our own prejudices but can find ourselves overly self-indulgent in things that can only satisfy for a short time, if at all. It is no wonder that money and power are things that are so fervently sought after. As long as we can keep a steady supply going, the illusion of fulfillment and satisfaction can falsely persuade us as craftily as a master magician’s act. We live with illusions not truth.


God Calls Us

03-08-2020Weekly Reflection©LPi

Psychology has taught us a great deal about family dynamics and how we have come to be the person we find ourselves to be. We are comprised of such a mixed bag of blessings and obstacles with their graced moments and sinful ones. Think back on the journey of your life and how the many different and varied choices that you made influenced the direction your life. If you didn’t go on that first date with your spouse, who would be beside you today? If you chose to be in one place rather than another, what would have happened to the course your life has taken? We are on such a wonderful, exciting journey. What is most incredible and awesome is that we are not alone! God is with us. He inspires, heals, opens doors, and calls us every moment of our lives. The very life we have is due only to Him.


The Parts of the Mass: 1st Reading

03-08-2020Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

Last week we focused on the COLLECT, the prayer that gathers God’s people and our intentions. After the COLLECT comes the 1ST READING.

The first reading is usually, but not always, from the Old Testament like this week’s reading.

We already know that we ought to listen attentively to God’s Word. But we may not know what to listen for.

Listen for three things: 1. Which book of the Bible is it from? 2. What part of the story of our salvation is in the reading? 3. How is this reading from the Old Testament related to the today’s Gospel?

If you remember that the Old Testament reading is your family story, it might help you tune in with more interest.


The Parts of the Mass: The Collect

03-01-2020Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

Last week we focused on the beautiful GLORIA.

Now we turn our attention to the COLLECT prayed by the priest. This prayer gathers God’s people, that is each one of us and all of our intentions. This prayer focuses our attention on the mystery we celebrate in this particular Mass.

When the priest is praying, we are not supposed to “tune out.” Instead we remind ourselves that we are in the presence of God. We remember what we want to thank God for or ask him for and we join our prayers to the prayer of the priest when we say “Amen.”

Today is the first Sunday of Lent. The COLLECT summarizes for us the theme of this Sunday’s Mass, helping us see how the readings apply to us today. It reminds us of our weakness, but also that we are not alone. How personal and fitting is this prayer. When we pay attention to the prayer of the COLLECT, we find help to seek God and hope in him. Let’s ponder the words of the COLLECT:


10 steps to Become a Holier Happier Catholic

03-01-2020Weekly ReflectionFather Carota

“Be Holy for I the Lord am Holy!”

Written by Father Carota and modified by Fr. Reynoso for OLPH Parishioners

  1. Get rid of the Television. It is getting worse and worse in its videos, shows and its advertisements. Don’t forget the only reason for TV is to sell you things you do not need. When you are trying hard to be holy you avoid many things that take up you time. Instead, since God has become the center of your life you have all you need and do not need to spend a lot of time shopping to fill up your emptiness. Living a life of sin and drama is very draining and time consuming. So get out, get amazed by God’s creation and avoid time wasting on screens.