Let God be God

03-28-2021Weekly Reflection© LPi

Many struggle with Jesus. Some who consider themselves faithful hail him in their churches but still struggle to figure out what to do with him on our streets. The message is somehow more palatable when it echoes pious renderings and sentiments and involves singing hosannas during worship. It becomes a bit trickier when it gets to the part about changing the way we conduct the business of our lives, becoming more sensitive to the disadvantaged, poor, and marginalized, and living as servants of our Loving Creator. Ultimately, it is a struggle between wanting to be God ourselves and letting God be God as God is. That’s why it’s so easy to become hypocritical. We, like those who hailed Christ as he arrived in Jerusalem and sent Christ to the cross to die, also talk out of both sides of our mouths. We entertain what suits us at the time and walk away from the rest.


Holy Week

03-28-2021Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

Today marks the beginning of Holy Week. Please pray for those being fully initiated into the Church on Holy Saturday. Hopefully, you remembered to bring your own palms to celebrate Palm Sunday.

Some other things you can do to commemorate this Holy Week are:


Love Never Fails

03-21-2021Weekly Reflection© LPi

Any good teacher or parent will tell you that once a lesson is really learned it doesn't need to be taught again. When we internalize things we have learned, they become a part of who we are and influence how we perceive and interact with our world. The same is true for the law God has written upon our hearts. Once humanity learns this lesson, we will simply know it to be true and act accordingly. Sometimes, it is hard to get people to learn the lessons they need to learn. They are often distracted, disinterested, conflicted, misdirected, or just too stubborn and unable or unwilling to see what is right before their eyes. Understanding that God is in a loving and committed relationship with those fashioned and formed in God's own image, seems like such a simple lesson to learn. But history and experience has proven that it is not.


Upcoming Rite of Christian Initiation of Children & Adults

03-21-2021Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

Several children and two adults from our parish are preparing to receive the three Sacraments of Initiation at the Easter Vigil.

On Holy Saturday they will receive the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and First Holy Communion.

But before that, they, like the rest of us will enter into the Passion of Christ during Holy Week.


Spiritual Refocusing

03-14-2021Weekly Reflection© LPi

Is there something to Lent that goes beyond our own spiritual house cleaning and spiritual refinement? Yes, there is! It has to do with listening and learning so that we can take up the task of the Gospel with greater clarity and fortitude. While the spiritual refocusing of Lent is necessary, the fruit of this Lenten conversion has much more to do with learning how we can be a better Church than it does about our eternal salvation. Salvation is a gift that flows out of God’s unconditional Mercy and cannot be merited. The spiritual maturity we can experience as a result of our Lenten disciplines serves to reduce the anxiety and apprehension we may experience as messengers of good, but very challenging, and unsettling, news.


Items Used at Mass - Vestments

03-14-2021Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

At last, with these Vestments, we finish our series of articles used at Mass. Do you know the names of these items worn by clergy and/or lay servers at Mass or during Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament?

Stole-Priest The stole is a long strip of fabric worn around the neck. It matches the color of the day. Priests wear the stole around the neck and over the breast.


All is Not Lost

03-07-2021Weekly Reflection© LPi

Many prefer a “create as you go” approach to life where laws and protocols primarily exist to secure and protect liberties rather than dictate and outline proper and right behavior. There are no real benchmarks for acceptable ethical and moral behavior, with a “you can’t tell me what to do” attitude prevailing. Parents are even limited in what they can request of their children, and dealing with threatening behaviors, especially from adults, are a challenge as well. Acceptable and expected conduct seems to amount to safeguarding each other’s space rather than increasing awareness of necessary relationships that require a more refined and higher response.


Items Used at Mass - Vestments

03-07-2021Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

This week and next we will finish our picture series of articles used at Mass with Vestments. Do you know the names of these items worn by clergy and/or lay servers at Mass?

Alb A long white garment which can be used by all liturgical ministers. It is a reminder of the baptismal garment worn when the new Christian "Put on Christ."