Good Shepherd Sunday

04-25-2021Weekly Reflection© LPi

Any builder worth his or her salt knows the value and importance of a cornerstone. Properly laying and securing this primary unit determines how the rest of the project unfolds and its success. Cornerstones are necessary elements not only of buildings but of lives as well. Many human beings conduct the business of their lives paying little attention to a grounding reference or starting point. Hence, what unfolds is a tapestry of relativism, with few anchors or guideposts and many impulsive choices. Some consider love to be their cornerstone. While this may sound attractive and useful, the pursuit of love without a simultaneous pursuit of its source can be shallow and self-focused. Just because a person chooses to do no harm and love others does not mean that they are living in truth and properly anchored to the real cornerstone.


Jesus is the Good Shepherd

04-25-2021Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

Jesus always chooses his words carefully. When he says, “I am the Good Shepherd,” his words are packed with meaning.

Remember Moses was shepherding a flock when God called him to shepherd his people out of slavery into the promised land. The shepherd boy David, too, was called from tending his father’s flock to be anointed as king of Israel.


"Peace be with you"

04-18-2021Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

The same Jesus who spoke the world into existence spoke the words “Peace be with you” to his own disciples, but their hearts and minds were closed to his message, “they were startled and terrified and thought that they were seeing a ghost.”


Our Aha Moment

04-18-2021Weekly Reflection© LPi

We often act out of ignorance. Armed with the best of intentions, we think we are seeing clearly and correctly, but we are not. We don’t always understand the full meaning of things and only perceive part of the truth. Hence, our judgments and actions can be impaired by myopic, incomplete or erroneous perceptions. The meaning of life, understanding of human experience, and negotiating life’s challenges can all become skewed without proper understanding and vision. The resurrection of Christ is the corrective to our incomplete and limited view of life. Looking at things with the eyes of faith brings a depth of clarity and understanding to how we see God, ourselves, others, and the world.


Divine Mercy Sunday

04-11-2021Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

On this Divine Mercy Sunday, let’s consider what it takes to have strong families.

Much of the message we hear from the world around us flatters us and yet keeps us weak. We are told we deserve good things, but huge advertising budgets, movie and game fantasies and cheap fashion and material choices manipulate us into feeling that we don’t measure up so we will be seduced to buy more and more and more to feel better.


Divine Mercy Sunday

04-11-2021Weekly Reflection© LPi

What a wonderful joy fills us today as we ponder the inexhaustible mercy of God. "Mercy is the heart of God," Pope Francis tells us. The image of a heart has been used to point to the very life source of a person as it is the organ that allows life to flow through our veins and sustain us. Mercy is the heart of God. Imagine this dynamic, powerful, compassionate, piercing, embracing, loving, propelling, penetrating, absorbing, and enveloping, transforming presence of God flowing into the very depth of our souls. It is God's mercy that allows blood to flow through our veins. It is God's mercy that forms every atom of our being and leads us to what is true. God's mercy reveals all superficiality and falsehood, and lays bare all distortions, empty promises, weakness, and sin.


Happy Easter

04-04-2021Faith and FamilyLani Bogart

Alleluia! Christ is Risen!!! He is Risen Indeed!!!

May your family know in countless ways the blessings of resurrection life.

We pray especially for families with members who are newly Baptized and Confirmed, that they will continue to nourish their lives with the graces of the Holy Eucharist which they received for the first time at the Easter Vigil.


A Spark of Divine Love

04-04-2021Weekly Reflection© LPi

Who are you? This question was most assuredly asked of Jesus on the day of resurrection and it is a question asked of each of us. Our identities can be described in so many ways. We can start with our gifts and our talents, expertise and unique personality expressions. We can describe things we like and things we prefer to set aside. As descriptive and captivating as these can be, none come close to our essence, our real and true self. While accurate in their own right, the self who lives and interacts with the world is the self we want others to see, the one we project. But there is much more to us just as there is much more to Jesus.