Bible Study: Signs and Wonders: Encountering Jesus of Nazareth

(weekly) Bible Study

Join your fellow parishioners on Thursdays, 9:30am or 6:45pm in the Notre Dame classroom. Bring your Bible and a smile. A commentary text is available for purchase. Look over the series titles; plan to come!


If we want to know who Jesus is, then we have to discover what his friends said and wrote about him. We can find detailed accounts of Jesus’ life - including the signs and wonders he performed - in the Gospels. They show us what Jesus cared about, how he treated people, and what he thought was most important in life. What better way to explore who Jesus us, or deepen the relationship we already have with him, than to reflect on these accounts?

Encounter Jesus of Nazareth as he celebrates at the wedding feast at Cana and then performs his first miracle. Follow Jesus as he walks on water on the stormy Sea of Galilee. Be with him as he raises Jairus’ twelve-year-old daughter from the dead. Travel with Jesus as he walks through the grain fields on the Sabbath and is chastised for picking wheat on the holy day. Accompany Our Lord as he meets a rich young man who wants to inherit eternal life, and then marvel with the apostles as living Christ appears to them in the upper room, astounding a doubting Thomas.  These incidents have shaped culture, language and morals for generations. Here is your opportunity to study them more intently and experience how the Holy Spirit can shape and form your love of Jesus to offer comfort and hope to others.